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Private Training

Reeds K9 Training focuses on building the ultimate family dog by using a balanced training approach. Our professional trainers specialize in canine behavior which allows us to offer one-of-a-kind, high-quality, individualised training for you and your dog. Our private dog training and board & train programs are sought-after all over the Midwest and Alaska with our clients ranging from everyday pet owners to high level competition handlers.

Private Training -
At Reeds K9 Training Facility 

Our private dog training lessons are done 1-on-1 for owners who are interested in an educational “do-it-yourself” approach to training their dog. Our training packages offer customized training for owners to learn how to utilize and implement balanced training techniques used by Reeds K9 Training professionals to achieve a happy, obedient and well-mannered dog. Due to the "do-it-yourself" results may vary. (This is not for agressive or reactive dogs)

  • Basic to Advanced Obedience (sit, stay, come, down, off, leave it, target, heel-loose leash)

  • Troubleshoot Bad Habits

  • Socialization with other animals & environmental Exposure

  • 1 Go-Home Lesson

  • Lifetime FREE Pack Socials/Hikes

  • E-Collar Education

Obedience​ Single Sessions:

FREE Consult 

$65 - Per Session

Obedience Packages:

 5  Session Package - $300

10 Session Package – $575.

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Behavior & Aggression -
At Reeds K9 Training

Does your dog bark, lunge, growl, stiffen, air snap, or try to bite at other dogs or people? You're in good company. Reactivity is the #1 reason that people rehome their dogs and we are here to help. The good news is, through training and management we can decrease reactivity and improve your dog's quality of life. Our Behavior & Aggression training is designed to address the underlying cause of reactivity, not just the symptoms. Our positive reinforcement & balanced training methods help your dog feel safe, comfortable, and confident.​

  • Behavior Modification (fear, aggession, reactivity)

  • Confidence Building

  • Basic Obedience (sit, stay, come, down, off, heel, leave it)

  • Introduction to Proper Socialization

  • E-Collar Education

Single Sessions:

$50 - Consultation

$100 - Per Session


5 Session Package - $475

8 Session Package – $750.

*Board & Train available on a case by case bases. 

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Intro To Sport -
At Reeds K9 Training

Intro to Sport is a comprehensive training program designed to have you and your dog ready to take on any of life's many adventures. Covering basic obedience and into a more focused and fast pace way of communicating with your dog efficiently at home or on the agility course. This program gives you all the foundational tools you need to learn how teach your dog just about anything.

  • 5 & 10 Week Packages

  • Intro to Rally and/or Obedience

  • Basic Obedience (sit, stay, heel, come, watch me, place, off, etc)

  • Advanced Obedience (target, loose leash, watch me, come around, weave, jump, etc)

  • introduction to equipment and training tools

Single Sessions:

-Free Consultation

$85  Per Session


5  Session Package- $400

10 Session Package – $750


*Results of this course highly depend on the owners dedication to daily training, and is best for very active dogs (herding, sporting, terrier and working breeds) 

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Free Training Tuesday 

So we got to thinking… how can we better help YOU with some of the most frequently asked questions and “quick tips” that everyone is asking their nearby dog trainer.  The truth is, your nearby dog trainer is gratefully swamped and doing the best they can to meet the needs of their hardworking clients and their pups. Everyone wants a “quick tip” and a fast result, when they really need a lesson, a class, a board & train and TIME to learn and practice in order to reap the rewards of their efforts and training.

So what are these webinars all about?! Well, they serve multiple purposes!

  • You’re out of town or out of state and need dog training advice and/or options.

  • You have no idea where to start with training. What is right for you? Private Lessons, Classes, Board & Train, etc?

  • Your not sure where to start,  but want to learn more about the different training options that are out there. What are the different methods and what are the pros and cons of each? What method is right for YOU?

  • TOOLS! What are they? How do you use them? Are they the right choice for you and your dog?

  • If you really do just need a quick tip on this or that. Perhaps you have been through formal training (or not) and you’re struggling in one specific area… perhaps MY tip is THE tip you’ve been waiting to hear!

  • Troubleshooting all-the-things… perhaps you don’t have the time, money, transportation, health etc… for formal training…. Coaching has the potential to meet you where you’re at to help you reach your goals.

Coaching calls will be every tuesday at 5pm CST.

If you are not comfortable asking your question in front of other people you are more than welcome to email us your question anonymously & we will answer during the webinar.

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