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Trimming the Fur


Spoil your dog with the ultimate grooming experience at Reeds K9 Training. Our staff has manyyears of experience, are fully trained and certified. Tails will be wagging and you'll be bragging about how great your dog looks and feels after we pamper them with personal and gentle attention.

Dog Groomer

-Bath & Brush $45

-Full Service $70

-Refresher $25


XLarge (81+ lbs)

-Bath & Brush $95

-Full Service $120

-Refresher $50


Medium (26-50lbs)

-Bath & Brush $65

-Full Service $85

-Refresher $35


Doodle (under 50lbs)

-Full Service $85

-Refresher $50


Large (51-80lbs)

-Bath & Brush $80

-Full Service $100

-Refresher $45


Doodle (over 50lbs)

-Full Service $120

-Refresher $85

Grooming Services

Bath & Brush -Best for dogs that need a good cleaning but dont require a full hair cut.

Includes: Bath, Blowout, Nails, Ear Cleaning, Sanitation Trim (belly & bottom)

Full Service Grooming - Best for dogs that require regular grooming. 

Includes: Bath, Blowout, Full Haircut, Nail & Ear Cleaning

Refresher - For dogs that need a touch up but not a full bath. Best for inbetween full grooming appt, dogs with curly coats, and big shedders.

Includes: Brush, Blowout, Face Trim, Ear Trim, Paw Pads clipped & Nails


Deshedding $25

Rough Paw Treatment $20

Oatmeal Shampoo $10

Blue Berry Facial $10

Whitening Treatment $10

Teeth Brushing $15

Nail Trim $20 

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